Disabling or enabling a range of zones or points

You can disable and enable ranges of zones or points on the 4100ESi panel.

  1. Select the DISABLES tab.
  2. Tap NEW DISABLE. A blue pop-up window is displayed.
  3. Select the point type. A list of programmed items for the point type is displayed.
    Disabling and enabling of some point types is not allowed.
  4. Select an item by tapping on it in the list. The selected item is highlighted in pink.
  5. Select the range of items by selecting the first item in the range and then selecting the last item in the range. All the selected items are highlighted. If you make a mistake, just repeat the selection.
  6. When the correct item or items are selected, tap the yellow DISABLE button to disable the range or ENABLE to enable the range. Disabling an already disabled item or enabling an already enabled item does not change the state of the item.
  7. Tap OK to confirm or CANCEL to quit the action. If many items are selected, or zones are present that contain many points, the list on the DISABLES tab may take a few seconds to update. This is normal.
    Figure 1. Selecting a group of items to disable or enable