Managing service operations

There are a number of service operations that you can access on the SERVICE tab.

Select the SERVICE tab by pressing on the tab at the bottom of the touch screen, or by pressing the grey Menu () keypad button to the right of the touch screen.

The Service tab has a more complex structure than the other tabs, consisting of a menu tree that is four or five layers deep in some places.

Figure 1. The SERVICE tab
Image of the SERVICE tab
The path to the current menu location is displayed from left to right at the top of the touchscreen.
Figure 2. Service menu path location

Note the following when navigating the SERVICE tab:

  • At each level of the menu, you can go deeper by pressing one of the options on the screen, or you can return to the previous level by pressing the grey C (cancel) key on the keypad, or by pressing the previous part of the menu path displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Tap Home to return to the top level menu, or press the grey Menu keypad button.
  • Generally, the Service tab will retain the current location within the menu tree if you switch to another tab and then come back to it.