Using the numeric keypad and navigation buttons

Use the numeric keypad to enter zone and point numbers for service operations. Use the navigation buttons for navigation and on screen selection.

The numeric keypad is located to the right of the touchscreen. Navigation and selection buttons are available directly below the numeric keypad.

Table 1. Keypad buttons
Keypad button Description
(menu button) Opens the SERVICE tab in the top level window, regardless of what is currently displayed.
OK Confirms a question or completes an entry. Usually equivalent to the on-screen OK key if one is displayed.
C Cancels the current screen action, or where possible, returns to the previous menu level. Mostly useful in the SERVICE tab.
(backspace key) Corrects an entry such as a zone number or point number that has been entered on the numeric keypad.
Up and down keys Use the up and down keys to navigate long list of items.
Left and right keys Not used in the 4100ESi.